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Why TDRA Virtual Academy?

At a time when the fourth industrial revolution, robotics, artificial intelligence, blockchain and big data are forecasted to dominate the future job market, knowledge of skills in these emerging fields is essential.

Welcome to TDRA Virtual Academy (TDRAVA), your partner in continuous learning. We do not just train, we help you lead in your career. TDRA Virtual Academy proudly continues the legacy of our wise leadership to adopt new technologies and keep moving forward. It was established by the United Arab Emirates Telecommunications And Digital Government Regulatory Authority in 2013 to support smart transformation, promote the e-learning culture and boost the growth of the ICT sector.

Who is TDRAVA for?

TDRAVA is for anyone who is looking for a push in his or her career. It is also ideal for those who are considering a change in their careers. Courses will be beneficial for anyone seeking to develop his/her knowledge and skills in the growing field of ICT and innovation. Thus, it could be of as much benefit to a student as it could be to a fresh graduate, a budding entrepreneur or the head of an organization. Courses are designed for learners of all skill levels and from all backgrounds. TDRA Virtual Academy’s courses are intensive, in-depth, and focused. What sets the courses apart, is that they include hands-on training and the opportunity to learn from industry experts. Courses are available for free and can be accessed from anywhere, at any time.

Training and Certification

TDRAVA offers courses and programs in a variety of fields. Choose a course in Market Technology or Business and Management, if you want to grow your business. If you wish to strengthen your technical knowledge, opt for a course in information technology, data and business analytics. Want to stay ahead in your field? Maybe our career development courses can help. Or opt for a course provided by our selected partners. TDRAVA has something for everyone. Take the assessment questionnaire and provide feedback after the course and receive a certificate electronically. You can also download and save the course material for free.

How to enroll

Browse through the course and choose the ones you are interested in. Enroll for the courses by just providing your name and email ID. Recorded courses can be watched at any time and a reminder can be set for live courses to be conducted in future. Take the assessment questionnaire and provide feedback after the course, and receive a certificate electronically. You can download and save the course material.

We wish you a flying career!

Our partners

Industry specialists and trainers with international experience are our esteemed partners who not only share TDRAVA's vision of boosting ICT, but also train candidates to use ICT to innovate and bring happiness.