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Panel discussion on the role of open-source software during COVID-19


Eng.Mohammad Fikri, Senior Engineer / Center of Digital Innovation

The past few weeks have seen an unprecedented global situation. Cities and major hubs have gone on lockdown and it is safe to say that regular life, be it professionally or personally, will be fundamentally changed.

During the COVID-19 pandemic we have seen the importance of a digital infrastructure to support working remotely in order to keep the economy going and maintain a semblance of normality. Open source has proved to be a vital tool for IT professionals, freelancers and companies alike during this time. It has been especially helpful for people at home that have no access to paid software.

Dr. Ahmed Dabbagh, Director of Technology Transfer at Sharjah Research Technology and Innovation Park

The global COVID-19 pandemic has temporarily separated human beings from each other as we collectively work to slow the spread of a potentially deadly virus. But the pandemic has also united humanity on a planetary scale.

One community stayed tuned and solid to serve humanity to increase health condition and to spread knowledge, is the Open Source Community, where we found R&D Centers, Tech Companies and Individuals are running over time to develop compatible systems open to all and spread over the world to be used freely.

Ventilators, Face Shields, Infection Data Monitoring, etc…The future is open source for open community with transparency what a socio-economic impact worldwide.

Dr. Hoda Alkhzaimi, Director of Center of Cyber Security in New York University AD

The current situation reframes global priorities when it comes to human welfare, global economy, and the means we build solutions to adapt to the long term effects of this change. The priority is to leverage open digital ecosystems to stress on delivery of basic human needs as education, Healthcare, accessibility to infrastructures, etc.

The way we build solutions would intrinsically be about global benefit and achieving sustainable development goals for the mass.

Ioannis Vaxevanos, Sr. Specialist - Threat Intelligence

Covid-19 was not only a threat to health but to information security as well - and open-source contributed accordingly Traditional work culture shifted with the arrival of the global pandemic - and security had to adapt accordingly

Sherief Selim, Cloud Architect from Microsoft

COVID-19 crisis has revealed a general lack of connectivity and data exchange built into our global supply chains. Future resiliency will depend on building transparent, inter-operable and connected networks. and UAE’s government is a great example for using Blockchain Digital Identity to battle the Crisis.

Also we can see great contribution of Open AI, high performance computing and Data Analytics shared across entities and organizations working together to analyse and find remediation, antiviral, and we can see that many Doctors are using AI to triage covid-19 patients.

  • Start Time: 17-May-2020
  • Time: 12:00 PM
  • Duration: 01h 00m
  • Category: Expert Talk
  • Language: English
  • Level: Beginner