Cloud Computing National Capacity Development Program

About the Program

The program is a joint efforts between The Telecommunications Regulatory Authority and Digital Government Academy (TDRA) and Amazon Web Services (AWS) that aims to empower national capabilities in the cloud computing field and qualify participants from the information technology field in the UAE government sector through remote training with provision of free exam vouchers for the best graduates to submit for international exam in order to obtain international certificate accredited by Amazon Web Services (AWS) in a professional competitive format between participants.

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Program features and benefits of government agencies

  • Providing training opportunities for workers in the telecommunications and information technology sector in government agencies.
  • Building capacities of national workforce in the ICT sector and government agencies in the field of cloud computing and empower their skills in this field.
  • Preparing and training national workforce on the latest global technologies to enhance the government agencies capabilities to align with the country digital transformation vision, especially in the field of cloud computing.
  • Expand the business opportunities of government agencies and enhance their competitiveness in providing digital services.
  • Reducing the skills gap required in the cloud computing field to coop with the information technology development requirements for digital transformation.
  • To complement the programs launched by the TDRA to build national cadres and create generations that possess the skills necessary to build a digital future for the state.

Program features and benefits for trainees

  • Building technical skills and capabilities in the field of cloud computing.
  • Obtaining certified training by authorized trainers with teaching and practical experience in the cloud computing field and obtaining a certificate of completion upon completing the program post assessment successfully.
  • The opportunity to obtain an international certificate accredited by Amazon Web Services in the cloud computing field (AWS Certified Cloud Practitioner) if the international test is passed
  • Define what the Cloud is and the basic global infrastructure
  • Describe basic Cloud architectural principles
  • Describe the Cloud value proposition
  • Describe key services on the platform and their common use cases
  • Describe basic security and compliance aspects of the platform and the shared security model
  • Identify sources of documentation or technical assistance
  • Describe basic/core characteristics of deploying and operating in the Cloud

Program design

The Telecommunications Regulatory Authority and Digital Government Academy (TDRA) coordinated a full learning experience with Amazon Web Services (AWS), where the National Cloud Computing Capabilities Development Program includes a detailed learning path for the participants. The program combines practical training through virtual classes and self-learning courses specialized for the required skills, as well as practical training through hands-on labs, in addition to office hours support by professional trainers. By end of the program participants will set for post assessment online exam in order to be fully prepared for the international certification exam.

Program duration

10 Hours of 3 virtual instructor-led classroom training

6 Hours Virtual hands-on labs

16 Hours Digital self-based training

3 Hours of 3 Q&A Sessions office hours support

1 Hour Virtual session Post assessment online exam

36 Hours

2 Weeks

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