Introduction to The Workshop

This workshop will help you gain a data science skillset by learning data science using analytical tools like Python and R. It will help you master analytical techniques like data exploration, data visualization and various predictive analytic techniques by implementing real-life, industry-oriented data science projects using Python data science programming language. This data science workshop will also help you gain expertise about various popular machine learning algorithms like Decision Trees, K-mean Clustering, Gradient Boosting, Boosted Trees, Random Forest, and Naïve Bayes using Python programming language.

This data analytics bootcamps will offer the delegates professional skills on working with big data, visualization and statistics. 

Program Objectives

The program focuses on the following objectives:
  • Understand which analytics techniques and tools will work in a specific Big Data analysis 
  • Create statistical models and understand which insights can lead to actionable results. 
  • Select appropriate data visualizations, which would help in communicating analytics insights to business sponsors and analytics audience in a clearer manner. 
  • Use various Big Data tools like Hadoop, MapR, R, In-Database Analytics, and MADLib functions
  • Understand how to leverage advanced analytics to create a competitive advantage, and how the roles of data scientists and BI analysts are different from each other

Duration 5 days