Digital Services Designer Program


A program that will be offered remotely, to prepare digital service designers in federal entities, aimed at qualifying those concerned with designing and re-engineering services, and information technology staff supporting the departments and departments of service design and providing them with the concepts and foundations of designing digital services, the principles and standards of government services experience, and the initiatives of the UAE government in support of digital transformation.

Program Objectives

Providing service employees in federal entities with the concepts and foundations of designing digital services, using creative thinking tools to design innovative services, continuous improvement of existing services, and understanding the role of the digital service designer.

Expected Outcomes

  1. Preparing qualified national cadres as designers for distinguished digital services and information technology in federal entities, and providing them with principles and standards for designing digital services that meet the needs of customers and exceed their expectations.
  2. Understand the role and responsibilities of a digital service designer, and the skills they should have.
  3. Clarification of the mechanism of work of digital platforms and their impact to facilitate the journey of customers, through a set of practical applications of artificial intelligence - big data - digital transactions and blockchain.
  4. Enhancing the skills of digital services design and development staff in federal entities to implement the latest awareness and marketing methodologies for digital services and platforms in order to enhance customer awareness and increase the flow of use.
  5. Transfer the knowledge and practical experiences gained during the program to the work teams within the entities.

Nomination Conditions

That the nominated employees are directly concerned with the design and development of the digital services provided by the government entity.

Program Themes

  1. The UAE's vision and strategic directions in the field of digital services
  2. Principles and criteria for designing government services experience
  3. Types of digital platforms for service delivery and their impact on customer experience (UX and UI)
  4. Effective marketing of digital services and the use of creative thinking to design digital services
  5. Tools and steps for designing digital services and mechanisms for evaluating and improving them
  6. The role of the digital service designer
  7. Modern technologies and their impact on digital services (Artificial Intelligence - Big Data - Blockchain digital transactions)

Duration 5 days

Language of The Training Arabic

Watch all recorded videos of the program from the list below
01 - Introduction and Goals
02 - UAE Strategy for Government Services 2025-2021
03 - Digital Customer Policy and Digital Government Service
04 - Unified Digital Platform Policy
05 - Proactive Services
06 - Principles and Standards for Designing Distinctive Digital Services - Part One
07 - Principles and Standards for Designing Distinctive Digital Services - Part Two
08 - Principles and Standards for Designing Distinctive Digital Services - Part Three
09 - Principles and Standards for Digitizing Services