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The 6 Traits of High-Performance Teams


Industrial Aged leadership is dead. Since the fall of the industrial age, there have been more company deaths than births. The average lifecycle of a CEO and of a company is half what it was. HALF!! and it is trending downwards. In this session, Ed Capaldi will introduce Fabian Schwartz’ model and have you challenge many of the myths of high-performance teams. From the myth of the so-called company performance management systems (assuming you have a performance management system how would you answer the following; how have your performance management systems directly impacted the performance of your company? To be precise, which company KPIs increased, and by how much after the last review cycle?) to the myth of command and control in maintaining the performance of a remote team. Ed Capaldi will avoid blah blah blah and take you through real-world examples from our region as proof positives.


  • Start Time: 21-July-2020
  • Time: 11:00 AM
  • Duration: 01h 00m
  • Category: Digital Government Stream
  • Language: English
  • Level: Intermediate


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