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  1. Are TDRA Virtual Academy courses free?

    Yes, you can attend the courses free of charge.

  2. I tried to register but I did not receive a confirmation email, how can I complete the process?

    First, please check your email. If you have not received any emails, re-register using another browser.

  3. I have a technical problem registering/attending courses.

    Please try to use another browser like: Google Chrome, Firefox, New Microsoft Edge

  4. How do I change the name and date on the certificate?

    Please send an email with the name that should be mentioned in the certificate provided that it does not exceed 50 characters in English, the title of the course, and the date of attendance, to the following email: Make sure that your request is clear (example, name modification or date modification), and we will contact you as soon as possible.

  5. How do I change my email address registered on the portal?

    You can change your email by registering with the new e-mail.

  6. Who can attend courses online? (Live streaming sessions)?

    Anyone can attend, inside or outside the UAE.

  7. Who can attend courses on site?

    All courses are available online via the Academy platform. As for the courses that are held at TDRA sites in Abu Dhabi or Dubai, they are based on special invitations.

  8. Who can attend self-learning courses? (recorded courses)?

    Anyone can attend, inside or outside the UAE.

  9. What are the languages used in the courses?

    Arabic and English.

  10. How do I receive the certificate?

    You will receive your certificate on your registered email.

  11. Can I watch the live streaming again?

    Yes, by can select the same course and watch it again. All courses are recorded and available in the Digital Library.

  12. Is the e-certificate approved outside the UAE?

    The e-certificates are certificates of attendance or achievement that are verified and approved by TDRA . The certificates are obtained by the trainee after attending or passing the courses.

  13. Are course certificates documented and approved?

    The e-certificates are certificates of attendance or achievement obtained by the trainee after attending or passing the courses available in various fields in the academy, and they are approved by TDRA only. A certificate of participation is sent to all attendees of the course on their email.

  14. Are there sign language courses for people of determination?

    Currently, there are no courses in sign language. The matter is under consideration.

  15. Is there a special user profile in which the completed courses are saved?

    No, there is no special profile.

  16. How can I communicate with you, as I want to participate as a coach in TDRA Virtual Academy platform?

    Submit your request through the Academy website to be reviewed by the concerned team.

  17. Are there marks on the test?

    There are marks in courses that require successful completion of the assessment to obtain the certificate.

  18. Can I register for group courses?

    There is no group registration feature, registration is now individual. The registered trainee can use all the features of the platform.